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You won't find weak die-cast aluminum or plastic in these reels. Van Staal premium spinning reels are expertly crafted from high-grade titanium and steel, the same materials used to build today's advanced aircraft. And this means unyielding strength and consistent peak performance each and every time you tackle the mighty ocean. The patented maintenance-free drag system features stainless steel ball bearings and an impenetrable gear case. The reel is sealed and water-tight to keep salt, sand and problems out, letting you fight the biggest fish in the harshest elements with no worries. Translation: "the one that got away" will be some other guy's story. Experienced anglers know the challenge isn't hooking big fish, it's landing them. Enter the hardened stainless steel Main Gear, oversized so it will never slip or strip under pressure, providing you more fish-fighting torque per crank of the handle.


Model # # Ball Bearings # Roller Bearings Weight Line Capacity
Recovery Gear Ratio Two Speed? Year Debuted Drag
VS100 n/a n/a 11.2 10/225 27 4.75:1 No n/a 1
VS150 n/a n/a 12 12/340 30 4.75:1 No n/a 1
VS200 n/a n/a 21.6 15/400 33.5 4.25:1 No n/a 1
VS250 n/a n/a 22.4 20/350 36.5 4.25:1 No n/a 1
VS275 n/a n/a 40 25/425 40 4.25:1 No n/a 1
VS300 n/a n/a 28 30/350 27.5 4.25:1 No n/a 1
VS150L (Left Handed) n/a n/a 12 12/340 30 4.75:1 No n/a 1
VS250L (Left Handed) n/a n/a 22.4 20/350 36.5" 4.25:1 No n/a 1
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