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Boca PTs Quantum


Quantum's Boca PTs series spinning reels lead the way in both value and performance. These saltwater reels feature the famous TiMAG Salt bail system with a nickel-titanium bail wire and fail-proof magnetic trip, as well as our exclusive MAGLOK Continuous Anti-Reverse - the only magnetic clutch in the industry. The Boca PTs series includes 7 models from light inshore all the way to big-game offshore. Our Saltgard 6-layer corrosion protection finish means your Boca PTs reels will be looking good for years to come, no matter the environment. Solid, one-piece aluminum frame and sidecover TiMAG® Salt bail system with magnetic bail trip Polymer/stainless PT bearing system (5 and 7 bearing models) MAGLOK™ magnetic Continuous Anti-Reverse™ PT alloy face gear with machined brass pinion Twin-bearing supported multi-stack Magnum ceramic drag Saltgard™ 6-layer corrosion protection finish [more info] Forged aluminum, concave spool Solid one-piece screw-in handle Quantum Hot Sauce lubrication [more info]


Model # # Ball Bearings # Roller Bearings Weight Line Capacity
Recovery Gear Ratio Two Speed? Year Debuted Drag
BSP20PTs 5 n/a 12.3 6/140 n/a 5.2:1 No n/a 1
BSP30PTs 5 n/a 13.4 8/160 n/a 5.2:1 No n/a 1
BSP40PTs 5 n/a 14.3 10/230 n/a 5.2:1 No n/a 1
BSP50PTs 5 n/a 24 12/225 n/a 4.9:1 No n/a 1
BSP60PTs 5 n/a 24.4 14/225 n/a 4.9:1 No n/a 1
BSP70PTs 7 n/a 29.6 17/310 n/a 4.9:1 No n/a 1
BSP80PTs 7 n/a 30.5 20/330 n/a 4.9:1 No n/a 1
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