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International Baitcast Penn


When a powerful lever drag is overkill for your light tackle challenges, the International® Baitcast family of reels fills the void. These reels are designed for some serious fishing, with machined, stainless main and pinion gears. Many of our competitors use a softer metal than stainless. Distinctive pure gold color separates Penn from the impostors. Two Aircraft-Grade, Sealed, Stainless Ball Bearings * Strong, Sealed, Smooth Drag Infinite Anti-Reverse Positive Level Wind System Titanium-Nitride Levelwind Push-Button Free Spool Auto-Engage Pinion Centrifugal Cast Control Quick Take-Apart Design Recessed Stainless Stand Loud, Firm Clicker Soft-Grip Handle Machined Stainless Spindle


Model # # Ball Bearings # Roller Bearings Weight Line Capacity
Recovery Gear Ratio Two Speed? Year Debuted Drag
955 n/a n/a 11.6 12/210 n/a 4.7:1 No n/a n/a
965 n/a n/a 12 15/240 n/a 4.7:1 No n/a n/a
975 n/a n/a 15.8 15/340 n/a 4.5:1 No n/a n/a
975CS (No Levelwind) n/a n/a 15 15/340 n/a 4.5:1 No n/a n/a
975LD (Lever Drag) n/a n/a 17 15/300 n/a 4.4:1 No n/a n/a
975CSLD (No Levelwind, Lever Drag) n/a n/a 16.2 15/300 n/a 4.4:1 No n/a n/a
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