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GT Level Wind Fished by anglers and charter boat captains worldwide, Penn GT Level Wind reels are perhaps the most versatile series of reels on the planet. From inshore bottom-fishing to offshore waters; from deep water wrecks to trolling Salmon off the Columbia River, GT Levelwind reels have seen and done it all.In a verbal testament to the performance of the GT Levelwind Series, a consumer fishing the distant waters of the Jersey Shore reported a 6-plus hour fight with an oversized Bluefin Tuna on a Penn 320LD. GT Level Wind reels feature an easy to operate star drag, with the exception of the 320LD, which utilizes a lever drag, a popular choice among anglers trolling or live-bait fishing. Lightweight Graphite Frame Black-Anodized Spool Manganese-Bronze Main Gear Stainless Steel Pinion Four Aircraft-Grade, Sealed, Stainless Steel Ball Bearings


Model # # Ball Bearings # Roller Bearings Weight Line Capacity
Recovery Gear Ratio Two Speed? Year Debuted Drag
310GTI n/a n/a 16 15/325 n/a 4.2:1 No n/a n/a
320GTI n/a n/a 19.5 20/320 n/a 4.3:1 No n/a n/a
320LD n/a n/a 21 20/300 n/a 4.3:1 No n/a n/a
330GTI n/a n/a 26 30/350 n/a 3.6:1 No n/a n/a
340GTI n/a n/a 33 30/475 n/a 3.25:1 No n/a n/a
345GTI n/a n/a 34 50/375 n/a 3.25:1 No n/a n/a
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