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300Xe Mitchell


With 25 million Mitchell® 300 reels sold and counting, the new Mitchell® 300Xe exemplifies our heritage of innovation with advanced technology. The Mitchell® 300Xe enhances the joy of fishing through simple design, user-friendly features and proven quality. Anglers who like our family of Mitchell® 300 spinning reels will love the Mitchell® 300Xe for its smoother, stronger and lighter design. Advanced Polymeric Body and Rotor is stronger than conventional polymeric and graphite materials Comfort Touch™ body coating for comfortable handling during long hours of fishing Instant anti-reverse for immediate hooksets High performance gearing for perfect gear mesh, smoothness and durability Multi-disk drag system for precise adjustment and consistent performance Aluminum handle for strength and non-flex reliability Oversized bail wire and line roller for increased strength, durability and reduction of line twist NeverFail ™ compression bail spring


Model # # Ball Bearings # Roller Bearings Weight Line Capacity
Recovery Gear Ratio Two Speed? Year Debuted Drag
1114425 8 n/a 10 10/210 n/a 5.1:1 No n/a 1
1114427 8 n/a 9.7 6/175 n/a 5.1:1 No n/a 1
1114429 8 n/a 6.8 4/100 n/a 5.1:1 No n/a 1
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