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MegaCast Spinning Reel Bass Pro Shops


You don't have to spend a lot to get a good quality, solid performing spinning reel. Our Bass Pro Shops® MegaCast™ Spinning Reel has everything you need to get on the water and start catching fish. Its rugged graphite body and rotor are built for the long haul, as is the double-anodized aluminum spool. Light and strong, it provides trouble-free casting and retrieving. This long-time Bass Pro Shops favorite runs on a smooth 4-bearing system that includes Powerlock™ instant anti-reverse; by preventing handle backplay, Powerlock keeps the line in position for you to set the hook instantly whenever a fish bites. With its smooth drag system and 5.1:1 gear ratio, MegaCast offers you the versatility to pursue almost any species and technique you like!


Model # # Ball Bearings # Roller Bearings Weight Line Capacity
Recovery Gear Ratio Two Speed? Year Debuted Drag
MCT 10 3 1 8.8 4/185 22 5.1:1 1 n/a n/a
MCT 20 3 1 8.9 6/185 22 5.1:1 1 n/a n/a
MCT 30 3 1 10 8/225 24 5.1:1 1 n/a n/a
MCT 40 3 1 10.7 10/235 24 5.1:1 1 n/a n/a
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