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Strike King Rage Anaconda

Each Rage Tail lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Each is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. You won't believe the splash, noise or other action that each Rage Tail has! Patent Pending.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
10" 10" in. n/a oz variable 0 n/a
7" 7" in. n/a oz variable 0 n/a
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Bama Bug

Big Tex

Blue Fleck

Double Header

Green Pumpkin

June Bug

Okeechobee Craw


Red Bug

Red Shad

Watermelon Red & Black

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Fish Check if you have caught this fish on this lure? # users caught species with this lure
Bass, Largemouth 1
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