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Phantom Lures Renegade BullFrog

Individually hand-painted, factory-tuned and tank tested, the Bullfrog is our true, surface slop-slider with a heavy death plop. Cast to pockets of open water inside pads, scum, milfoil and weeds, the curved underside is built from a high-impact resin that fishes like maple and sides over crud to keep the dual hooks oriented upward and weedless. A heavy UV-resistant, replaceable skirt squats the back end from mega pops. Note: Be sure to thumb the spool lightly before touchdown so the Bullfrog lands face up for instant action. Quickly becoming the weapon of choice for tug-of-war missions into late-summer's gnarly cover, a single, internal BB adds irresistible rattle.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
PRF 5.5 in. 2.5 oz 0 1 n/a
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Baby Loon

Black Rebel

Chartreuse Rebel

Green Frog

Hot Crappie

Nitro Frog

Orange Rebel


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