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Phantom Lures Phantom Softail

Individually hand-painted, factory tuned, and tank tested, the Phantom Softail combines the giant 2' side-to-side wander and durability of Phantom glide bait with the realistic feel and sexy twerk of a replaceable grub tail. Sink with a nervous wobble at reliable 1' per second, letting you dissect open water reefs, weediness or sections of emerging weed tops with a surgeon's precision. A threaded brass receiver securely locks in interchangeable Phantom weights to fine tune sink rates and intrude any zone, making Softail a countdown's dream for suspended fish.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
PST10 10 in. 10 oz 0 2 n/a
PST12 12 in. 17.5 oz 0 2 n/a
PST4 4 in. 1.5 oz 0 2 n/a
PST6 6 in. 3 oz 0 2 n/a
PST7.5 7.5 in. 4.5 oz 0 2 n/a
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