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Phantom Lures Phantom HEX

Individually hand-painted and made in the USA, Phantom Hex combines an erratic, subsurface walk that gets crazier the faster you troll it. Deadly at any speed over 3 mph, you’ll see a mammoth 2‘-3’ side-to-side, unpredictable wander up to 4.5 mph for the PHEX10 and 6.5 mph for the PHEX12. Ideal for covering giant tracts of open-water for those suspended toads, yet the oversized, anodized aluminum lip makes it more durable than a veteran big fish hunter’s ego when slammed into deep rockpiles, reefs or weed channels.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
PHEX10 10 in. n/a 12 3 n/a
PHEX12 12 in. n/a 18 3 n/a
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