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Offshore Angler Stinger Tail Grub

The Stinger Tail Grub is a great fish taker whether you're swimming it or vertical jigging. The preferred way of rigging is with an Offshore Angler Jighead. Length: 2". 20 per pack.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
38-236-200 2" in. n/a Variable 0 n/a
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Amber Flake

Chartreuse / Silver Glitter

Rootbeer Firetail

White Pink

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Fish Check if you have caught this fish on this lure? # users caught species with this lure
Seatrout, Spotted 6
Bluefish 4
Redfish 4
Jack, Crevalle 2
Ladyfish 2
Seatrout, Silver 2
Snook, Common 2
Tarpon 2
Seatrout, Sand 2
Jack, Horse Eye 1
Snook, Fat 1
Snook, Swordspine 1
Snook, Tarpon 1
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