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Mold Craft Products, Inc. Tuff hoo

Mold Craft’s TUFF HOO™ features a hydrodynamic nose design to promote vertical swimming with no chin weight and stability when being trolled from 2 to 12 knots. It swims in a natural manner with a very active tail motion and has rattling eyes. This bait is strong enough to be trolled quickly without fear of the tail wearing off. The TUFF HOO™ is the simplest of all to rig. Just attach the hook (a Mustad 3407SS or other 8/0) to the leader, insert the leader into the body cavity then pull through and snug gently. Make a loop and you are ready to go (see diagram). When using this bait with a spreader bar rig, use a 3/8 egg sinker and crimp the end to hold into place.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
tuff hoo 8" in. n/a Variable 0 n/a
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Blue / Glow

Blue / Silver

Blue / White

Green / Glow

Green / Silver

Green / White

Pink / White

Purple Silver

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