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Mold Craft Products, Inc. Lil Super Chugger

A Pink/White (#22) Senior Super Chugger (combined with a Senior Bird #22) produced THE ALL TACKLE ATLANTIC BLUE MARLIN I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORD 1,402 LB caught by Paulo Roberto Amorin off Brazil on February 29, 1992. This record has not been broken. The Super Chugger Lure has a deeply concave head and a longer, heavier, reverse tapered body than the original Tsunami Chugger (still available). These refinements make the lure run well in both calm and rough water conditions. This lure can be trolled between 6 and 14 knots. Super Chuggers are available in three sizes and all Mold Craft colors. (see lure color chart)


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
9300SC 5" in. n/a 0 0 n/a
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All Black

All Yellow

Black / Blue

Black / Gold

Black / Green

Black / Magenta

Black / Orange

Black / Pink

Black / Purple

Black / Yellow

Blue / White

Blue / White / Pink

Blue / White / Yellow

Brown / White / Pink

Green / White

Green / White / Pink

Green / White / Yellow

Green / Yellow

Green / Yellow / Pink

Mac / Silver / Black

Mac / Silver / Pink

Mackerel / Silver

Orange / White

Pink / White

Pink / White / Blue

Pink / White / Yellow

Purple / Silver

Purple / Silver / Black

Purple / Silver / Pink

Rainbow / Pink

Rainbow / Yellow

Red / White

Red / White / Yellow

Red Bailey

Silver / Blue / Pink

Yellow / Pink

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Marlin, Blue 1
Dolphin 1
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