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Lunker City Fin-S Fish

If any artificial lure can mimic a baitfish better than the original Slug-Go®, it's got to be the Fin-S Fish®, with its thinner, deeper-bodied profile and forked tail. The Fin-S Fish® has been part of the Lunker City line up since the mid-eighties. In recent years, its fish catching abilities and its popularity with anglers have prompted a number of manufacturers to blatantly copy the Fin-S Fish® — but none of the copies can come close to matching Lunker City's original in fish catching action or in color patterns that capture the appearance of various baitfish species.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
10 10" in. n/a Variable 0 n/a
2 2 1/2" in. n/a Variable 0 n/a
4 4" in. n/a Variable 0 n/a
50 5 3/4" in. n/a Variable 0 n/a
55 5" in. n/a Variable 0 n/a
7 7" in. n/a Variable 0 n/a
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Albino Chartreuse Tail

Albino Firetail

Albino Shad



Arkansas Shiner

Atomic Chicken

Avocado Red Flake Chartreuse Tail

Baby Blue Shad


Black Blue Flake Chartreuse Tail

Black Blue Flake Fire Tail

Black Ice

Bloody Mary

Blue Chartreuse

Blue Ice

Blueback Herring


Bubblegum Berry

Bubblegum Chartreuse Flash

Bubblegum Ice

Bubblegum Ice Chartreuse Tail

Bubblegum Shad

Bubblegum Spice

Bublegum Shad

Champagne Shad

Chartreuse Ice

Chartreuse Pepper Shad

Chartreuse Silk

Chartreuse Silk Ice

Chartreuse Sparkle Firetail

Devil Fish

Electric Watermelon

Emerald Bubblegum

Emerald Ice

Fire Perch

Fire Tiger Firetail

Firecracker Shad

Funky Fish

Glow/Chartreuse Tail

Gold Pepper Shiner

Golden Shiner

Green Shad Flash

Green Shiner

Hot Canary


Ice Shad

Kiwi Shad

Lime Shad



Mahi Mahi

Melon Belly

Melon Pepper Shiner

Metallic Carrot

Midnight Shiner

Moss Shad

Orange Ice


Pickle Shad

Pink Ice Shad


Pumpkin Perch

Pumpkinseed Chartreuse Tail

Rainbow Trout

Red Gold

Red Ice

Red Ice Shad

Red Shad

Rootbeer Firetail

Rootbeer Shiner

Salt & Pepper Blue Phantom

Salt & Pepper Chartreuse Tail

Salt & Pepper Gold Phantom

Salt & Pepper Green Phantom

Salt & Pepper Silver Phantom

Seafoam Shad

Shore Minnow

Silver Pepper Shiner


Smoke Pepper Frost

Smoke Pepper Shad

Texas Chili

Watermelon Candy Shad


White Gold

White Lightning

White Satin

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Fish Check if you have caught this fish on this lure? # users caught species with this lure
Snook, Common 3
Snook, Fat 3
Snook, Swordspine 3
Snook, Tarpon 3
Walleye 3
Bass, Largemouth 2
Bass, Striped 2
Bluefish 2
Tarpon 2
Bass, Smallmouth 1
Bass, Spotted 1
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