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D.O.A Softshell Crab

The D.O.A. Softshell Crab (1/4 oz) is a 2” wide tasty morsel with a natural sink rate presentation Redfish or Cobia can’t pass up. Slide it on the surface or work it on the bottom—it gets a predator’s attention!


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
Softshell 2 in. 1/4 oz 0 1 n/a
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301 Red

302 Red/Silver Glitter

303 Dark Gr/Gold Glitter

304 Rootbeer/Gold Glitter

305 Nite Glow

306 Smoke

307 Smoke/Silver Glitter

311 Motor Oil

312 Near Clear

313 Gold Glitter

314 Silver Glitter

317 Chartreuse

318 Chartreuse/Silv Glit

319 Pink

320 Pink/Silv Glit

322 Moss Green

330 Pearl

332 Red Glit/Chartreuse

334 Blue Crab

335 Brown Crab

363 Red/Pearl

368 Clear/Red Glit

371 Avocado/Red Glit

381 Crab Rootbeer/ Pearl

403 Golden Shiner

406 Arkansas Glow

442 Pink Glow

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