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Creme Killer Diller Shrimp

This shrimp is an excellent combination of soft plastic flexibility and durability. The belly is hollow with an opening that contains weight. The embedded single hook allows the lure to dart like a scared shrimp. Everything about the lure is authentic. The Killer Diller is available in 2 sizes (approximately) 4" with 1/2 oz weight and 3.5" with 1/4 oz weight.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
3.5" 3.5" in. 1/4 oz variable 1 n/a
4" 4" in. 1/2 oz variable 0 n/a
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Chartreuse Silver Glitter

Clear / Chart. Tail

Clear / Fire Tail

Clear Gold Glitter

Clear Silver Gilitter


Glow / Chart. Tail

Gray Back

pumpkin / Chart. Tail

Sand Pink

Sea Green

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Fish Check if you have caught this fish on this lure? # users caught species with this lure
Seatrout, Spotted 1
Ladyfish 1
Bluefish 1
Redfish 1
Seatrout, Sand 1
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