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Creek Chub Knuckle-Head

The Creek Chub Knuckle-Head is a unique, jointed, floating, topwater popper made with the big-fish angler in mind. It has an over-sized realistic inset capped eye. The Head is jointed with Creek Chub's new patent pending "Hold-Tite" link that gives the Knuckle-Head an "injured gill" look. It is weighted for long casts and made to withstand big game fish. It has super sharp saltwater resistant treble hooks with a marabou hair tail. Excellent for pike, striped bass, redfish and muskie fishing. The Knuckle-Head is now available in two new Holographic colors, and the newest Knuckle-Head, Jr. is available in 13 different colors.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
Knuckle-Head 5" in. 1 1/2 oz topwater 2 1/0
Knuckle-Head Jr. 4" in. 5/8 oz topwater 2 #2
Super Knuckle-Head 7" in. 2 1/2 oz topwater 2 3/0
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Baby Bass

Baby Striper

Black / Red Eye


Chrome / Black Back

Chrome / Blue Back

Fire Tiger

Holographic Baby Striper

Holographic Black / Red Eye

Holographic Black Shad

Holographic Parrot

Holographic Rainbow Trout

Holographic Shad

Holographic Yellow Croaker


Natural Frog


Red / White

Tennessee Shad

Yellow Croaker

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Bass, Largemouth 1
Redfish 1
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