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Chesapeake Bay Lures Red Eye Umbrella Rig

NEW! FOR THE FRESHWATER STRIPER FISHERMAN...YOU NEED TO GIVE THESE SMALL UMBRELLA RIGS A TRY! THEY RESEMBLE A SMALL SCHOOL OF SHAD...A STRIPED BASS SIMPLY CANNOT RESIST THEM. 10" Umbrella Rig - Features heavy duty 4-arm, 10" umbrella rig bar. Fully rigged with 5 pieces of 4" Red Eye Shads with laser sharp black nickel hooks (1 oz. of internal weight per shad) and tied on premium 80 lb. test leader. Professionally rigged and comes packaged in durable and convenient clear plastic storage container. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOUR JURSIDICATION ONLY ALLOWS TWO OR LESS HOOKS PER RIG, SIMPLY CUT THE HOOK OFF THE OUTSIDE SHADS WITH A PAIR OF WIRE CUTTERS OR ASK US TO DO IT FOR YOU. BE SURE TO LEAVE THE HOOK ON THE SHAD WITH THE LEADER MATERIAL, AS YOUR TARGET (STRIPER) WILL HIT THIS BAIT 95% OF THE TIME.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
4UMB 4" baits 10" spreader bar in. n/a 0 0 n/a
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Blue Back


Gold w/ Black Dot


Pink & White

Red & White

Spotted Shad

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