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Carolina Lures Yummee Sand Flea

Background ~ Sand Fleas are a terrific bait for many East and Gulf Coast game fish. West Coast anglers know them as Sand Crabs, while Hawaiians call them turtle crabs. Regardless of name, they burrow into the sand at the waters edge where they are dug by savvy anglers. The roe-egg laden females or soft shell-molting sand fleas are most prized by anglers because they are most preferred by fish. Digging sand fleas is back-breaking work that anglers thankfully won't have to experience anymore thanks to our new bait. Description ~ A dead ringer for the real thing we have even gone as far as using two tone color schemes to perfectly imitate roe-egg bearing females. Natural scents are molded into the plastic. Game fish absolutely love these realistic lures... One of our favorite rigs has a Pompano Jig with a sand flea on a dropper loop above. We also love to put a sand flea on a pompano or our exclusive sand flea jig head other jig and work it where the fish are. Yummee sand fleas also work on bottom rigs, Carolina rigs , and even under a cork. You can also use a bit of natural bait on the same hook as a Yummee Sand Flea... FISH LOVE THEM! Now available in TWO SIZES the original and the mini flea


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
YSFLEA n/a n/a 0 0 n/a
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