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Carolina Lures Yummee Fly'n Fish

Yummee Fly'n Fish excel as a stand alone lure or as a teaser. You can rig them in daisy chains, behind spreaders or as single lures. One thing is for certain these things get absolutely hammered by the fish. NOTE: You can now purchase the Yummee Fly'n Fish bodies without wings. These lures are superb teasers when rigged on dredges. You can also rig and troll them as stand alone lures for a variety of offshore gamefish. Since flying fish have a body shape remarkably like that of a mullet, these lures also work great for Tarpon, Snook, Stripers and the like. Rig 'em up for trolling like you would a surface Yummee only adding a small chin weight 1/2-3/4 oz similar to a swimming mullet rig. They work GREAT


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
YFF1 n/a n/a 0 0 n/a
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Blue / Crystal

Blue / Floating

Blue Silver

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