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C & H Lures King Buster

The C&H King Buster is a deadly weapon for tournament fishermen. Using them with strip rig, cigar minnow, or rigged in front of a live bait, will improve action, add color and increase strikes.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
KB28 2.5" in. 1/8 oz Variable 0 n/a
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Black / Pink

Black / Purple

Black / Red Mylar

Black / Silver / Silver Blue Fleck

Blue / Chartreuse Silver

Blue / Pink / Pearl Mylar

Blue / White

Chartreuse / Green - Orange Fire Tail

Chartreuse / Green Fire Tail

Chartreuse / Pearl Mylar

Clear Silver Fleck / Pearl Mylar

Flying Fish White / Electric Blue

Gold / White / Gold Fleck

Green Fluorescent / Chartreuse

Hot Pink / Chartruese / Silver - Blue Fleck

Hot Pink / Purple / Black

Hot Pink / White / Gold - Blue Fleck

Irredescent Pearl

Irredescent Pearl / Green

Irredescent Pearl / Red

Pink / Pink Silver Fleck

Pink / White

Smoke / Chrome

White / Blue Firetail

White / Blue Mylar

Whtie / Red Fire Tail

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Fish Check if you have caught this fish on this lure? # users caught species with this lure
Little Tunny 3
Cobia 2
Kingfish 2
Grouper, Gag 2
Dolphin 1
Barracuda, Great 1
Mackerel, Cero 1
Mackerel, Spanish 1
Wahoo 1
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