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Blakemore Road Runner Bubble Belly

The Bubble Belly® Road Runner are perfect for skipping under docks. Packed in “Twin Packs”, the Bubble Belly features a minnow shape that fish can’t resist.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
B2-1502 2" in. 1/16 oz variable 1 n/a
B2-1503 2" in. 1/8 oz variable 1 n/a
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Albino Shad

Chartreuse / Chartreuse Pepper Shad

Chartreuse / Perch

Chartreuse / Tomato

Chartreuse Sparkle

FR / Albino Shad

FR / Chart. Sparkle

FR / Silver Shad

Silver Shad

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Fish Check if you have caught this fish on this lure? # users caught species with this lure
Crappie, Black 3
Crappie, White 2
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