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Bagley Hex Caster Spoon

This Hex-Caster Spoon features a simple spoon design which has been proven throughout the years. A hex pattern hammered finish in Silver, Gold, COP "Dirty Penn" or Ultra Red plating provides light refraction never before found in this spoon while the VMC Cone Cut hook provides an immediate hook up that sticks. A ref metal tab adds just a splash of "blood red" to entice even the most timid. Hex Caster Features a Metal Tab (Not Plastic) for added vibration in a glow "Blood Red" Color.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
HC12 n/a 1/2 oz variable 1 n/a
HC14 n/a 1/4 oz variable 1 n/a
HC34 n/a 3/4 oz variable 1 n/a
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Dirty Penny



Ultra Red

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Fish Check if you have caught this fish on this lure? # users caught species with this lure
Redfish 3
Seatrout, Spotted 2
Seatrout, Sand 1
Seatrout, Silver 1
Tarpon 1
Bluefish 1
Jack, Crevalle 1
Jack, Horse Eye 1
Ladyfish 1
Mackerel, Cero 1
Mackerel, Spanish 1
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