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High Speed Trolling

This involves trolling a heavy lure behind your boat at speeds up to 20 knots. If your lure is not heavy enough, you can use a trolling weight up to 3 lbs to help keep your bait in the water. The rig consists of a 24 oz trolling weight with 1.5 ft of 400 lbs cable on either end terminated by swivels. The reason for the cable is that sometimes the wahoo hit the weight. After the weight we attach 50 ft of 200 lbs mono. Attached to the mono is 1.5 ft of the 400 lbs cable which is then attached to your lure. The lure still needs to be in the 5 - 8 oz range to work behind the trolling weight. You need heavy tackle for this. 80 lbs in the standard here but you don't need a monster size reel. Something that can hold a lot of drag with braided line and a top shot is just as good.


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