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Slip Bobber or Sliding Bobber

When you want to suspend your bait or lure 4 ft. or more below the surface the this rig is probably the best. First slide on a bead to the main line. Next slide on your bobber. Make sure the bobber is free to slide along the line. Next tie on your hook. You can always add some shock leader if you are going after tough fish. Once you have those three items in your line it is time to add the stopper knot. The stopper knot (usually a uni knot tied around the main line with both tag ends clipped off) is tied to the main line where you want the bobber to stop. The stopper knot does not usually hinder casting so you can place it deep enough where it can be reeled onto the spool of your reel. If your bait isn't heavy enough to pull the line through the bobber then add a split shot or two 6 inches to 1 ft. above the hook.


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