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Slow Trolling

Slow trolling is a form of trolling where you use live bait. Basically you bump the boat in and out of gear to keep the slack out of the line. You don't ever want to drag the baits. Leave the boat out of gear and let the baits swim a bit. Then when they get too much slack in their line bump the boat into gear and pull out the slack. This is a great technique for all kinds of fish, inshore and offshore.


Fish Did this rig
# users used
this rig
Barracuda, Great 2
Bass, Largemouth 2
Bass, Striped 2
Bluefish 3
Cobia 2
Crappie, Black 3
Crappie, White 3
Dolphin 2
Jack, Crevalle 2
Kingfish 2
Ladyfish 2
Little Tunny 3
Mackerel, Spanish 4
Marlin, White 1
Sailfish, Atlantic 2
Shark, Black Tip 2
Shark, Sandbar 2
Tarpon 2
Wahoo 2
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