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Reel maintenance

In your off season its good to do a little reel maintenance. Below are the basics for keep your reel in good condition:

  • Use your reel schematics and take your reel completely apart.
    • It helps to keep a close eye on how everything works together through the process of taking it apart.
    • Take special care not to strip the screws.
    • It helps to use a deep pan or something to keep small parts from shooting away and losing them.
  • Once your reel is apart clean off the parts with "Que tips".
    • You can use water to clean the parts but make sure the parts completely dry before greasing and putting them back together.
  • Make sure all parts are in good condition. If you find a part that is corroded or broken, you can get the part from your nearest reel part store or order the part online. It might take a few weeks to get the parts, but saves you a lot of money in the end.
  • When putting it back together put oil on the bearings and a light amount of grease on every other moving part.
    • Reference your reel schematic if you can't remember how the parts go back together.

With a little time and care your reels can last you a very long time.


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