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Non return live bait clip

When fishing high above the water you can deploy baits down your mainline without reeling in if you get a strike. There is a little tool called a non return live bait clip (nrlbc) that will allow the bait to slide down your anchored line. First thing is to cast out as far as you can and make sure you get a good anchor on the ground. This is usually done with a sputnik type sinker or even snagging rocks with a break away rig. Then you attach your nrlbc to the main line. When there is no tension on the line the bait will slide down the line. When you add tension the slide will stop. To get it into the water column you have to shake the bait down the line to release tension. When you think your bait is where it should be. Just keep the line tight. If you get a bite and don't hook the fish, just send another bait down.


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