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Knocker Rig

The basics of this rig is a sliding egg sinker or snap swivel/pyramid sinker is able to slide along the mainline which then is attached to a hook. There is no swivel stopping the egg sinker from resting directly against the hook eye.


Fish Did this rig
# users used
this rig
Amberjack, Greater 4
Black Drum 1
Bluefish 1
Catfish, Blue 1
Catfish, Channel 1
Catfish, Flathead 1
Catfish, Gafftopsail 1
Catfish, Hardhead 1
Cobia 1
Cod, Atlantic 1
Croaker, Atlantic 1
Flounder, Gulf 2
Flounder, Southern 2
Grouper, Gag 6
Grouper, Red 2
Haddock 1
Ladyfish 1
Redfish 2
Shark, Black Tip 3
Shark, Bonnethead 4
Snapper, Gray 6
Snook, Common 6
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