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3-way swivel rig

In this rig the main line is attached to a 3 way swivel. One of the other two ends is attached to a trace of line that ends in a hook and the other a trace of line that ends in a weight. When fishing in rocky areas sometimes a weaker piece of line is used to attach the sinker allowing it to break when it gets snagged.


Fish Did this rig
# users used
this rig
Black Drum 3
Bluefish 5
Catfish, Gafftopsail 3
Catfish, Hardhead 2
Cowfish, Scrawled 1
Crappie, Black 1
Croaker, Atlantic 2
Grouper, Gag 2
Grouper, Red 1
Jack, Crevalle 2
Ladyfish 2
Mojarra, Striped 1
Redfish 5
Snook, Common 1
Snook, Fat 1
Spot 1
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