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Sciaenops Ocellatus
  • Aliases: Red Drum, Red Bass, Channel Bass, Puppy Drum
  • Freshwater: Rivers Connected to Saltwater
  • Saltwater: Yes
    • Inshore: Yes
    • Offshore: No
  • Max Length (In Inches): n/a
  • Max Weight (In Lbs.): 94


Bait Did this bait
# users used
this bait
Shrimp 7
Blue Crab 3
Mullet, Fantail 3
Squid 1
Mullet, Striped 1
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Lure Did this lure
# users used
this lure
Rebel Windcheater 11
Mister Twister Exude Saltwater RT Slug 8
Bagley Finger Mullet 6
Bagley Jumping Finger Mullet 6
D.O.A Shrimp 5
Bill Lewis Lures Rat-L-Trap Legends 4
Heddon Spit'n Image 4
Offshore Angler Stinger Tail Grub 4
Old Bayside Mud-Mino Curltail 4
Bagley Hex Caster Spoon 3
Bomber Pop n Shrimp 3
Sea Striker Clark Spoons 3
Bagley Weedless Sculptured Minnow Spoon 2
Cotton Cordell Red Fin 2
L & S Lures Mirrolure 2
Strike King Redfish Magic Zulu 2
Bass Assassin Blurp 4 Shrimp 1
Bass Assassin Blurp 4 inch Sea Shad 1
Bass Assassin Charm Assassins 1
Berkley Gulp Alive Peeler Crab 1
Bomber Jointed Heavy Duty Long A 1
Bomber Magnum Long A 1
C & H Lures Turbo Rattler 1
D.O.A TerrorEyz 1
Heddon Saltwater Swim'n Image 1
Heddon Zara Spook 1
High Roller PT Spoon 1
Johnson Sprite Spoon 1
L & S Lures Catch 5 1
Sebile Evidence: ACAST Magic Swimmer 1
Storm Rattlin' Chug Bug 1
Tail Walker Lures Tail Walker Topwater 1
Bagley Chat'r B Rattling Spoon 1
Bass Assassin Blurp 5 inch Saltwater Shad 1
Bomber A-Salt 1
Bomber Heavy Duty Long A 1
Bomber Jointed Long A 1
Bomber Jointed Magnum Long A 1
Bomber Long A 1
Bomber Model A 1
Bomber Suspending Pro Long A 1
Creek Chub Knuckle-Head 1
Creme Killer Diller Red Hook Shrimp 1
Creme Killer Diller Shrimp 1
Daiwa Saltiga Jerkbait 1
Daiwa Saltiga Minnows 1
Daiwa Saltiga Pencil 1
Daiwa Saltiga Popper 1
Heddon One Knocker Spook 1
Heddon Rattlin Spook 1
High Roller ChugRoller 1
High Roller HighRoller 1
High Roller PopRoller 1
High Roller RipRoller 1
Hogy Lure Company Hogy 1
Lucky Craft Saltwater Sammy 1
Luhr-Jensen Krocodile Spoons 1
Offshore Angler Saltwater Tubes 1
Rapala Long Cast Minnow (Freshwater) 1
Rapala Skitter Walk 1
Rapala X-Rap 1
Rebel Jumpin Minnow 1
Rebel Pop-R 1
Rebel Super Pop-R 1
Rip Tide Crab 1
Rip Tide Mullet 1
Sebile Possessed: Bonga Minnow Floating 1
Sebile Possessed: Ghost Walker Floating 1
Unfair Lures Stickminno 1
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Rigs Did this rig
# users used
this rig
Sliding Sinker Rig 10
Free Line 7
3-way swivel rig 5
Fish Finder 5
Balloon Rig 3
Knocker Rig 2
Jig head 1
Split Shot 1
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Often reddish or bronze in color, the redfish is characterized by one spot, or several spots, at the base of the tail fin.

How to Catch:

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