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Great Barracuda

Sphyraena Barracuda
  • Aliases: Sea Pike, Picuda
  • Freshwater: No
  • Saltwater: Yes
    • Inshore: No
    • Offshore: Yes
  • Max Length (In Inches): n/a
  • Max Weight (In Lbs.): 85


Bait Did this bait
# users used
this bait
Squid 1
Shrimp 1
Ballyhoo 1
Blue Runner 1
Cigar Minnow 1
Herring, Threadfin 1
Little Tunny 1
Mackerel, Spanish 1
Menhaden 1
Mojarra, Striped 1
Mullet, Fantail 1
Pigfish 1
Pinfish 1
Sand Perch 1
Sardine, Scaled 1
Sardine, Spanish 1
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Rigs Did this rig
# users used
this rig
Free Line 2
Slow Trolling 2
Balloon Rig 1
Sliding Sinker Rig 1
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Silver in coloration with a greenish-grey back and possibly dark blotches along its side. The barracuda also possess a forked tail and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth ready to attack your bait, or potentially your catch!

How to Catch:

Our pros here at Fishing Master have not written any instructions on how to catch , but if you have, we would love your recommendations! Contact us!

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