Fishing Master

Meet the Original Fishing Master

Fishing since he was 10, Scott Sampson obsesses over one thing, not catching fish! When you catch fish you think you are doing everything right and don't try to push yourself to do better. But when you aren't catching fish, you start to wonder why. Then you do research. Then you create a hypothesis on what might do better next time. Then you put it into action and see if it works. If you get the same results time and time again, you master it!

That is why I put together this site. To try and master fishing!

About Fishing Master!

Established in 2005 Fishing Master is a website devoted to the research of fishing. Using the knowledge of experienced anglers we are trying to lay the roadmap of where and the best ways to catch all species of fish. We have the vision that beginning and veteran anglers alike can confirm their fishing theories by using this site.

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