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The dredge is the ultimate teaser when offshore fishing. It gives the appearance of a bait school behind the boat. A dredge consists of multiple arms extending out from the center. It has 2 - 3 attachment points on each arm. Attached to those attachment points is a 2 to 10 bait inline teaser. The baits can be squids, mud flaps, paddle tails and even holographic image type teasers. A 24 to 36 oz weight needs to be added to the front of a dredge to keep it in the water. We recommend using a downrigger to manage the dredge as the cranking power can help tremendously. We have also seen others use electric reels to help manage the dredge. When a dredge is put in your spread, a naked ballyhoo positioned behind the dredge is usually the ticket to catching any fish that pops up behind the teaser.


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