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Bagley Finger Mullet

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The Mullet has served as the most elemental food for bigger gamefish. Bagley's all hardwood Mullet captures the natural primal action, contour, and color of these favorite baitfish in realistic detail. The Jumping Mullet has a "tail weight" system that allows the nose to break the waters surface in a "jumping" motion as the rod tip is twitched sharply left and then right. The finger mullets are weighted for a sinking action. The holographic flash finish and realistic 3-D eyes provide a realism unequaled in todays fishing lures. The four inch magnum Mullet has a stainless steel wire thru chassis that provides the needed strength and durability in both fresh and saltwater when going after the big boys.


Model # Length Weight Depth # of hooks Hook Size Pic
FM3 3 1/2" in. 1/2oz. Variable 2 n/a
FM4M 4" in. 11/16oz. Variable 2 n/a



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Not Available in FM4M


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Fish I Caught this fish
on this lure
# users who caught
this fish on this lure
Seatrout, Spotted 7
Snook, Common 7
Jack, Crevalle 6
Ladyfish 5
Redfish 5
Bluefish 5
Mackerel, Spanish 4
Seatrout, Silver 3
Tarpon 3
Snook, Tarpon 2
Snook, Swordspine 1
Snapper, Gray 1
Bass, Striped 1
Seatrout, Sand 1
Flounder, Southern 1
Jack, Horse Eye 1
Snook, Fat 1
Grouper, Gag 1
Flounder, Gulf 1
Weakfish 1
Barracuda, Great 1
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