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Pomatomus Saltatrix
  • Aliases: Chopper, Anchoa
  • Freshwater: No
  • Saltwater: Yes
    • Inshore: Yes
    • Offshore: No
  • Max Length (In Inches): n/a
  • Max Weight (In Lbs.): 31.5


Bait Did this bait
# users used
this bait
Shrimp 1
Herring, Threadfin 1
Menhaden 1
Mullet, Fantail 1
Mullet, Striped 1
Pinfish 1
Sardine, Scaled 1
American Eel 1
Squid 1
Blue Runner 1
Cigar Minnow 1
Mojarra, Striped 1
Pigfish 1
Sand Perch 1
Sardine, Spanish 1
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Rigs Did this rig
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this rig
3-way swivel rig 4
Fish Finder 4
Sliding Sinker Rig 3
Slow Trolling 3
Free Line 1
Knocker Rig 1
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A steel blue colored fish with a large mouth, forked tail and prominent teeth.

How to Catch:

Bluefish can be caught in the inlets, surf and withing 10 miles of shore in a boat. When fishing inlets, using spoons and plugs are a good bet. When fishing surf, use a good 10 ft surf rod with 30 lbs braid and a 3 - 4 oz spoon. The heavy spoon will make for a long cast. When fishing offshore trolling spoons will put plenty in your boat but when they are in a frenzy a topwater can be lots of fun. They do have sharp teeth, when using spoons and plugs you can get away with mono but mainly use wire.

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