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Black Drum

Pogonias Cromis
  • Aliases: Drum, Striped Drum
  • Freshwater: Rivers Connected to Saltwater
  • Saltwater: Yes
    • Inshore: Yes
    • Offshore: No
  • Max Length (In Inches): n/a
  • Max Weight (In Lbs.): 113
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Bait Did this bait
# users used
this bait
Blue Crab 2
Shrimp 2
Mullet, Fantail 1
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Lure Did this lure
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this lure
Berkley Gulp Alive Peeler Crab 1
D.O.A TerrorEyz 1
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Rigs Did this rig
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3-way swivel rig 3
Fish Finder 3
Sliding Sinker Rig 2
Free Line 1
Knocker Rig 1
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Similar to a redfish, but is dark grey in color and possess feelers at the base of it's jaw. The juveniles generally are characterized by thick vertical black stripes down its body.

How to Catch:

Like every other fish! Our pros here at Fishing Master have not written any instructions on how to catch , but if you have, we would love your recommendations! Contact us!

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